NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS ActiCol is Singapore’s 1st adult milk powder with Plant Sterols which have been shown to lower blood cholesterol.

Additional Benefits:

  • Omega 3 & 6 - Contains the good balance of these two essential nutrients your body needs
  • High in Calcium - Fortified with Calcium to help strengthen your bones
  • Low in Fat - Contains 50% less fat than ordinary full cream milk

It dissolves in both warm and cold water, making it extremely convenient for you to prepare. Love your heart, drink 2 glasses of NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS ActiCol daily!

Now available in 950g, 550g and convenient stick packs for you to enjoy everywhere you go!



NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS ActiCol 是新加坡首创兼唯一含有天然植物固醇的成人奶粉。植物固醇已被证实有效的降低血液胆固醇。



  • Omega 3 & 6 - 含有身体所需的两种必需营养素
  • 高钙 - 钙质能帮助强化骨骼
  • 低脂肪 - 脂肪含量比普通全脂牛奶少 50%
  • 它溶于温水和冷水,非常方便。爱护您的心脏,每天喝2杯 NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS ActiCol!


除此之外还有 950克、独立的小袋装和即饮饮料可供选择,现在就开始您的爱心之旅!

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