Harvest Gourmet Stir Fry Mince Bibimbap
40 mins
6 Servings



2 cup

Drinking Water

3 cup


90 g

Bean sprouts

2 cup


1 piece


1 piece

Soy Sauce

1 tbsp


1 tbsp

Shallot Oil

20 g


3 cloves

Harvest Gourmet Stir Fry Mince

1 packet

Soy Sauce

½ tbsp

Sesame Oil

2 tbsp

Sesame Seeds

6 tbsp

Dried Seaweeds

4 pieces

Gochujang Sauce

6 tbsp


Step 1

Wash the rice. Put in a rice cooker with water and cook.

Step 2

Blanch with spinach and bean sprouts in boiling water.

Step 3

In a separate bowl, mix the spinach, bean sprouts and Japanese cucumber with a little sesame oil, soya sauce and toasted sesame seeds.

Step 4

Slice the carrots. Sauté the carrots with sesame oil and add a little soy sauce.

Step 5

To prepare Harvest Gourmet Stir Fry Mince Bulgogi, heat cooking oil, sauté the chopped garlic until golden brown. Add in Harvest Gourmet Stir Fry Mince.

Step 6

Add the liquid soy sauce, sesame oil, honey and sesame seeds. Sauté until slightly crispy.

Step 7

To serve, mix rice with sesame oil. Put in a bowl. Arrange the vegetables and Harvest Gourmet Stir Fry Mince Bulgogi on top of the rice. Add the gochujang sauce and top with dried seaweeds. Mix and Enjoy!

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