MAGGI® Fortune Treasure Pot
60 mins
8 Servings


MAGGI® Concentrated Chicken Stock

2 tbsp

MAGGI® Oyster Sauce

7 tbsp

Dried Oysters



20 g

Braised Abalone

8 pcs

Dried Scallops

8 pcs

Chinese Cabbage

500 g

Brown Button Mushroom


Roasted Duck Thigh

2 pcs

Steam Chicken Thigh

2 pcs


8 pcs


100 g


1 tsp


1 in


600 ml


Step 1

Stir-fry ginger until fragrant, add in soaked oyster and MAGGI® Oyster Sauce. Add in water and simmer for 5 minutes. Leave it soaked overnight.

Step 2

Soak the dried scallop in water for 1 hour, steam dried scallop for 1 hour and set aside.

Step 3

Add MAGGI® Concentrated Chicken Stock into boiling water to make chicken stock.

Step 4

Cook cabbage and set aside. Pan-fry button mushroom, set aside.

Step 5

Blanch prawns & broccoli separately and plunge into iced water to halt the cooking.

Step 6

Boil water in the wok to prepare for steaming.

Step 7

Meanwhile, assemble cabbage, abalone, scallops, prawns, broccoli, brown button mushroom, roast duck, steam chicken on the platter.

Step 8

Add in MAGGI® Oyster Sauce and cornstarch to chicken stock, stir well till gravy thickens.

Step 9

Pour gravy over platter and place into the steamer and bring to steam for 10 minutes. Serve hot!

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