MILO® ORIGINAL Sachets - Signature Malty Taste

Milo® ORIGINAL is the one recipe we all know and love. It always delivers that signature malty taste that never gets old. 
1 cup of MILO® Original gives you the Calcium of 1 glass of milk, Iron of 2 plates of English Spinach, Vitamin C of ½ a mandarin orange! 
MILO® Original is specially formulated with malt barley, milk and cocoa, providing the essential vitamins and minerals of a nutritious breakfast beverage. 
With MILO® Original in sachets, you can now have your favourite cup of MILO® anytime, anywhere! It’s the same recipe- from our MILO® tins to sachets! 

  • Source of Calcium 
  • Source of Iron 
  • Source of Vitamin C, B6, B2, B3, D, B12 
  • Lower in Sugar and Fat 
  • Healthier Choice Certified 
  • Nutri Grade B 
  • Made in Singapore  

Net Weight: 18 x 30g 
Recipe also available in 900g and 400g pouch, 1.4kg and 450g tin.

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