MILO® 3 IN 1 Sachets - More Taste, Better Balance

Experience the great taste of MILO® 3 IN 1 with the perfect balance of maltiness, milkiness and cocoa. 
Made from the goodness of malt, milk and cocoa, this fan favourite gives you the nourishing energy you need to power through your day! 
MILO® 3 IN 1 also uses skimmed milk powder instead of full cream milk or creamer, so now you are able to enjoy MILO® 3 IN 1 knowing that it is low in fat too! 
It also contains essential vitamins and minerals. MILO® 3 IN 1 is your healthier choice! 

  • Source of Calcium 
  • Source of Iron 
  • Source of Vitamin C, B6, B2, B3, D, B12 
  • Lower in Sugar and Fat 
  • Healthier Choice Certified 
  • Nutri Grade B 
  • Made in Singapore 

Net Weight: 16 X 27g 


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